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Boat Transporters

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Boat Transportation

If you are moving across the country or overseas, you may believe that it’s impractical or even impossible to take your boat with you; however, when you choose the right boat transporters, nothing could be further from the truth. Of course transporting your yacht, sailboat or other vessel may require a little more planning and preparation than moving a car or motorcycle, but reliable boat transporters like the ones you’ll find at Auto Car Transport take this task in stride. Offering nationwide and world-wide auto transport, multi-car discounts, free insurance and friendly, prompt, door-to-door service, Auto Car Transport is the natural choice when seeking boat transporters and car transporters for any move.

Of course, there are people feel that they can just haul their boat themselves - especially within the contiguous United States - but there are lots of good reasons for hiring a professional boat transporter rather than trying to move your boat across country yourself. If you have a boat that requires special permits, as do those greater than 43’ long, 8’6” high and 13’ 6” wide, acquiring the permits you need can be difficult, expensive and time consuming. Additionally, insuring a boat for a long overland haul can be complex and expensive. If you hire professional boat transporters such as Auto Car Transport, you can rest assured that they will have insurance in place, know the current rates for fees and tariffs, and know how to go about taking care of all those details on your behalf.

As if that were not enough reasons for hiring professional boat transporters, having the right equipment to move your boat can also be a challenge for an individual, but professional boat transporters, such as Auto Car Transporters, are sure to have the right size trailer in perfect condition, ready to take your boat on its way. Additionally, having your boat transported using the services of a professional driver with lots of over-the-road experience will leave you free to attend to all the other details of your move and save you wear and tear on your own vehicle.

When you hire professional boat transporters, they will be able to give your boat a thorough inspection to make sure it’s in good condition for moving. You need to know that if there is damage, such as rotted wood or a compromised hull, you will need to have it repaired before transport since it is not possible to insure a damaged boat for transport. If you try to transport your boat on your own, you run the risk of overlooking potential risks caused by damage. This could cause some very serious damage to your boat during transit, as well as a dangerous situation for you and other motorists.

With Auto Car Transporters acting as your boat transporters, you can rest easy and expect timely, courteous, door-to-door delivery of your boat. There are a few things you will want to do to prepare your boat for transport.

  • Remove all personal belongings, accessories and clutter.
  • Drain all fuel and water tanks and empty water from the bilge.
  • Lock all hatches and windows securely being sure to keep the keys in a safe place.

Discuss further boat transporter preparation with your Auto Car Transporters customer service representatives. They will be happy to help you make decisions about having windows and doors taped shut to avoid damage and leaking during transport, the padding of Plexiglas and breakable surfaces, and special arrangements for transport of your dinghy, if you have one.

With Auto Car Transporters as your boat transporters, you can relax, safe and secure in the knowledge that they will take care of everything to assure that your boat travels under the very best circumstances and in the most protected way and is delivered to you in timely manner. With free insurance, friendly helpful customer service, and many years of experience under their belts, you will not find better boat transporters anywhere. When you are looking for boat transporters, be sure to visit the Auto Car Transporters website

to fill out a web form for a free quote, or if you prefer, you can call 817-501-5995 to speak with a customer service agent about hiring Auto Car Transporters as your boat transporters.

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