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Exotic Car Transport

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Exotic Car Transportation

If you have an exotic car such as a Shelby Cobra, ‘68 Mustang Big Block or Aston Martin, you are probably used to getting a lot of attention. You probably also give your exotic car lots of attention. This should be even more true when moving your exotic car from place to place. That’s why you should always choose specialized exotic car transportation for your special vehicle.

If you are moving a long distance, naturally you will want to save the wear and tear on your exotic car. While it may seem that exotic car transportation over a long distance might be a real hassle, that’s not necessarily true. You just have to find the right car transporters. At Auto Car Transporters, we pride ourselves in providing the best in vehicle transportation - including exotic car transportation.

Just get in touch with Auto Car Transporters early on to begin making your exotic car transportation plans. We have the knowledge, skills and experience you need to feel perfectly confident and secure in entrusting us with your exotic car or cars. We offer multi-car discounts, car transportation services of all kinds both nationally and world-wide, door-to-door transport and free insurance. We are able to provide all of this because we’ve been in business a long time. When it comes to exotic car transportation, you can feel completely safe turning to us.

You’ll find our customer service top-notch, too. Our friendly, helpful, knowledgeable customer service representatives know that you will have lots of questions and lots of concerns regarding exotic car transportation. Their job is to help you in every way possible, and they are happy to answer questions and help you make the best plan possible for shipping your exotic car.

They’ll take you through every step of the process of exotic car transportation from documenting the condition of your car at the outset, to choosing your method of transport, to setting up your free, in-transit insurance policy. You won’t have anything to worry about when you decide to do your exotic car transportation with Auto Car Transporters.

You may be wondering why we are able to offer free in-transit insurance for exotic car transportation when our competitors are not. The reason is that we simply have an excellent track record. We make firm plans with our customers and deliver our precious cargo door-to-door, without fail, and without incident, every single time. Our insurance company feels comfortable insuring our cargo because we deliver!

One choice you will have in exotic car transportation is enclosed car transportation. Even though open trailers are quite safe and many individuals and companies ship lots of cars on open trailers, it is understandable that you may want to ship your exotic car in an enclosed trailer. When you make this choice, you can be sure that your vehicle will be protected from the elements, flying debris, and any other potential hazard that may be encountered on the open road. Your Auto Car Transporters customer service agent will be happy to discuss your shipping options with you and help you make the most appropriate and affordable choices.

No matter whether you choose closed or open exotic car transportation, you can rest assured that we use only the best of equipment. Our trucks and trailers are equipped with air-ride shocks to save wear and tear on your shocks and prevent unnecessary jostling and jouncing in rough terrain.

When you choose to purchase specialized exotic car transportation from Auto Car Transporters, you will be able to accomplish your relocation with complete peace of mind knowing that you have chosen a responsible, experienced car transport service that has the knowledge, equipment and excellent customer service standards necessary to take care of everything for you. You won’t have to worry about a thing! Your exotic car will arrive at your doorstep exactly when we say it will, in perfect condition and ready for you to take a spin!

Visit our website today ( ) to fill out a free quote form or call one of our friendly customer service agents at: 817-501-5995 to get all the details about arranging exotic car transportation for your special vehicle.

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